About Us

Since 2008 Kris Inventa Pvt Ltd has been a software development innovator providing full-cycle high quality services to its Customers globally. Kris Inventa has marketing and support centers in countries like Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore and UK. We are in the process of establishing support centers in other GCC and Asia pacific region.

  • Content Optimization;
  • Branding Strategy;
  • Better ROI than normal ads;
  • Risk Management.

Our main objective to provide focused IT solutions & services to the SME sector companies who are cost and quality conscious. ‘We have always pursued a customer-orientated vision and persistently learned from experience and adapted the spurt in technological upgrades.

We believe that the most valuable resource we possess is our people. Kris Inventa is not just a gathering of highly skilled individuals, but a team. It is built not only on someone's exceptional skills, but rather on collaboration and teamwork. The key strength of Krisinventa is the vast knowledge and expertise of the promoter directors who can boast more than two decades of IT consulting, project management and implementation experience. Throughout years of growth, owing to investments into training, scrupulous selection procedures, competitive benefits and appealing career possibilities, we managed to assemble a mosaic of motivated, loyal and highly skilled IT professionals. The effective work of Krisinventa resides on collaboration and teamwork between all its members, each one perfectly doing his own job.

Kris Inventa is dedicated to its customers and partners. We believe that the most important factor of our success is the success of our clients and provide them with tools that help their business growth. Our Vision To be a Customer centric Global organization in the areas of Business consulting and IT Services, committed to creating value to all its stake holders. Krisinventa, both in idea and realization, is a client-oriented company. By supplying our customers with top resources and skills, we fulfill our main goal - add value to their businesses through knowledgeable application of information technologies. Because we work closely with and for our customers, we are successful only when our clients succeed.

Mission with Kris Inventa is to deliver cost-effective and Quality solutions with reduced through put timeand total cost of ownership. To accomplish this measure of ours we are formed with people who carry a real flair for technology. We pay special attention to the quality assurance of the products and services Our clients can rely on our products working stably and as designed because we put an emphasis on quality assurance as a key factor in project success.

You will be able to discuss and negotiate the choice of the programming languages and technologies suitable for project aims, size and budget. We are always attentive to all your requirements and wishes, including technological preferences, because we believe that only close cooperation with our customers all the way in project development can bring a visible and effective outcome.


How we work

We work efficiently to provide the solutions you need.
Meeting With The Customer
The first meeting is very important to get acquainted and discuss the main ideas of the project.
Work Hard On The Project
Our professional team starts to work on your project and embody all details of the initial concept.
We Finish The Project
The project is completed and we give it to our customer. We also ask for customer’s feedback.

Why choose us?

We are a command of professional and enthusiastic people, who like what they do.

  • Use latest Technologies
  • Experience of Several Years
  • Reliable Professional Quality
  • Competitive Prices
  • Trusted Company
  • Faster Turn Around
  • World Class Work Culture
  • Affordable Price Modules
  • Online & Offline Support

  • Professional support;
  • High-quality consultations;
  • Best specialists;

Meet our team

Our team of professionals have experience in marketing, sales and many other spheres.